Gas Jockey

Posted on Mar 31, 2017 by Simon
Not only did the gas jockey pump fuel, but the jockey also checked oil levels, cleaned the windshield, offered some promotion, and then took the payment. Only in New Jersey and Oregon are gas jockeys still in existence where self-serve gas stations are banned.

Is the demise of a gas jockey good or bad?

If in a rush and minimal needs ...then good. If blistering cold or howling rain ...then bad.

As a driver, I'd like to write some emails when gas is being filled. But I know my car best and the level of urgency. The advantages of me doing the filling win out.

Who knows item data the best? The supplier of course. Why be a gas jockey when you can let the supplier (i.e. the driver), manage the items and punchout catalog. All the pieces are there for the supplier to take responsibility for their catalog and run the show. For a buyer with many suppliers (drivers), wouldn't this arrangement be most preferable?

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Coupa Supplier Portal - Made Better !

Posted on Mar 26, 2017 by Simon
Coupa as a procurement system has much to be admired. Strength after strength throughout the entire application. Yet supplier item management can be greatly strengthened with the usage of the Rinktee catalog system.

The following is a list of weaknesses that Coupa exhibits and which Rinktee can remedy (as noted by our customers that use Coupa).

  • The Coupa Supplier Portal is confusing for suppliers to maintain items.
  • Coupa's internal catalog loses its portability once an item file is over 5MB zipped.
  • The technical steps in CSP for the publication of items are confusing.
  • Coupa system often complains about duplicate items.
  • Cannot ever really delete items that are in Coupa.
  • Suppliers with over one hundred items can be more efficiently maintained when using a punchout catalog.

We have sample catalogs that can be easily uploaded (or take one of your own), and have a quick look at how efficient catalog management can be. Soon enough you'll be asking yourself, "what were we waiting for?"

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Configurable Punchout

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 by Simon
A customer of ours had an interesting request that we've never encountered before. Rather than having a static catalog of items with predetermined attributes, could we apply our cloud technology to present a punchout with a different set of attributes based on the category the item belongs too?

Easy enough, the only complexity was capturing the data the requester was entering for that attribute and sending it along in the checkout as well.

One typical scenario is a user selecting the Electric Motor category. This category has a predefined set of attributes than does the Pneumatic Actuator category. The Motor might have four attributes the buyer needs info for, while the Actuator might need seven pieces of information for the buyer to make the correct purchase. Rather than uploading a standard CSV category file, the admin uploads a slightly different file called an Object CSV file, and then continues setting up the View and User sessions as before. The requester selects the category (now called object), and proceeds to enter applicable data into each attribute's text box and then submits the configured item into the shopping cart.

The requester in the end is able to configure an item based on their immediate requirements and not wait for the administrator to upload or create a specific item. This type of solution fits directly into our self-service mission to minimize any unnecessary delays and get items ordered as quickly as possible.

Please contact us for more details on this solution at Info.

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CeBIT 2017

Catch a glimpse of Rinktee at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover, Germany during the "Realize the value of S/4 HANA with Capgemini's 'Highway to S/4' presentation". 
(SAP, hall 4, C04, Capgemini booth, March 20 – 24, 2017)

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Posted on Mar 12, 2017 by Simon
Connectivity for SAP S/4HANA FIORI confirmed from the Rinktee punchout catalog system. Please follow link for additional information.
Web Services Setup
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