Many to One

Posted on Feb 27, 2022 by Simon


To pick and choose where you want to consolidate should come from the end users perspective. In particular what degree of frustration can the user tolerate. The answer is simply zero. No frustration, no headaches. That is easy enough, but what about the administrator who has to maintain a frictionless environment. Some consideration should be given there as well. 

A good example is from where do you want to present the catalog views. Do you want to litter the screen on a SAP SRM system with countless links to a Rinktee catalog? Or one nice link from SAP to Rinktee which then displays categories and lists in an orderly structured manner. I think the Admin would appreciate the task of not having to juggle multiple setups and just focus on the presentation layout. The end user would be just as happy too.

I hope this helps.


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