Private Supplier Network

Posted on Apr 27, 2017 by Simon
Major eProcurement vendors like SAP, Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer (SciQuest) provide their own Supplier Networks or Portals for which Suppliers can join to manage items, receive invoices or to communicate one thing or another.

As long as you the Buyer and your Suppliers abide to the Network set of rules and methods, no issues arise.

If the Buyer needs to establish a new set of rules and methods that Suppliers are required to follow, then unless the functionality is already found in the Network it will leave the Buyer out of luck.

That is why we are presenting a variant of our Cloud product specifically for Buyers that want to establish their own Cloud punchout catalog as a Private Supplier Network.

This will allow the Buyer to:

  • Establish a Private Supplier Network for a select group of Suppliers.
  • Set a common template of mandatory fields for Suppliers.
  • Determine a common set, or a specific set of categories for Suppliers.
  • Allow Suppliers to manage images and additional item attributes themselves. 

For additional details on our Private Supplier Network, please contact us at


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Modified Ariba Punchout

Posted on Apr 17, 2017 by Simon
Our customer Groupe RG (design, production, and distribution of personal protective equipment) had a request from Thales Group (design and build electrical systems for  aerospace, defense, transportation and security markets), to provide a Groupe RG punchout catalog for buyers at the various Thales divisions.

The requirements were:
- the user interface had to be in the French language,
- each division should have its own mini-catalog,
- mini-catalogs to have their own contained search,
- be able to connect to the Ariba Supplier Network,
- the punchout be available in the Cloud.

The only new modification to this request was the addition of the mini-catalogs where items are grouped by divisions, and searches are then limited to that division. All the rest of the requirements were already available in our Cloud solution.

Now we have Thales connecting to the Ariba Supplier Network, accessing the Groupe RG punchout catalog supplied by us here at Rinktee, and the Thales buyer is now bringing back the items to the Ariba shopping cart. A reliable seamless process all done in the Cloud.

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